God Turned A Decision Of NO From The VA, Into A YES, To Save Our Home. (Testimony)

August 30, 2023 4 Comments

From Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, To A Miraculous Work Of God!

 “The VA Will Not Refund Your Mortgage, You Do Not Qualify According To Our (VA) Standards.”


What do you do when you are at your last resort, and you are told your house will be sold at auction? What do you do when you only have a few months to cure (cover) the loan before your home will be taken? I went to the only one I knew who could save my soul, save my sanity, and deliver me from the pit I had dug. Let me begin at the beginning of our troubles.


After getting to know each other for months, my fiancé decided to transition from being an on the road truck driver, to a married life in Florida. Since me and two (2) children yet living at home were living in an apartment, my soon-to-be decided to have a house built for us before we were married, with a VA loan. That was huge for me, and for them, since the loss of their dad.


After a month of being married, we started settling into a newly built home of our choosing. We felt so happy to be able to live in a new home after being just - married. The feeling was exhilarating for the both of us. I was given the okay to furnish it, and I went to the extreme. I felt since my husband was lenient with me when it came to finances, and was allowing me to handle furnishing the house, getting in some debt was not a big factor, since he was actively looking for a new job.




He had great credit and already had money saved up, so all seemed good in my eyes. Very few items were paid with cash, and the rest of the furnishings, I charged. During this time, my husband was hired at a transportation company, and we learned later how the delivery pay was calculated which was not in our favor. This was one of those Aha, Aha moments. Knowing we could not survive with that type of pay, we knew we needed to do something fast. I had a job, but my salary was not enough to pay for half of the bills that were accumulating. Oh yes, everything began to come due as the months turned into years.


Very soon, he was offered another job that paid very well, and we were happy. This job provided all types of over time, and my husband took all of it. Meanwhile, I was spending like crazy. The income was over and above to pay our monthly obligations, but I was a spend thrift for crazy and non- essential things. Sometimes, I would push paying the mortgage and other bills until the last minute, just to purchase some things that didn’t have any lasting value and I definitely wasn't putting much into savings. My husband was just happy he was providing for his family and was a low maintenance type of person. He never needed, or asked for much.


After months of working almost 7 days a week, and making overtime, the company changed its policy about overtime. With that change, came regular 40-hour work weeks which caused me great budgeting problems. You see, by that time, we had so many bills from different companies, until the income coming in was not enough. My husband did not have a clue as to what I had been doing with the money. Earlier times in our marriage, I was not a dedicated Christian unto the Lord. To be dedicated, you had to commit to serving God daily, obeying His Words of Life, and I didn’t want to totally do that just yet, I wanted to have my way about doing things the way I wanted. Since I was straddling the fence as a lukewarm Christian in an effort to feel close to God, I didn't ask for His help. I tried working things out on my own, and in my own way.




I figured since I didn’t invite God in with prayer concerning my marriage plans, there wasn’t any need to seek his face now about anything after the fact. In time, I learned how much trouble that type of thinking could cause, so I genuinely repented during this time, and asked God to help me so I could live holy, and righteous. I knew at some point I would have to tell my husband everything. During those times, I began to rob Peter to pay Paul. I started having headaches trying to work things out on my own.  When I repented and was constantly praying to God, I knew this was not the path God had for me, and things had to change.


After receiving the notice of the house going into foreclosure if we didn’t pay a certain amount of money by the date on the paper, I knew my deeds would have to come to the forefront, now.  In a time of deep prayer, I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart not to ask any of my family members for help, or borrow money from anyone. I knew I could ask my parents and get the money, but I wanted to be obedient to God, by not asking anyone, for I believed He would open a safe door for us, without me being shamed.


At that moment, I thought surely since I was being prompted to not ask anyone for help, this was showing me that I would be getting a miraculous gift so we could get out of this predicament. I know you can tell where my thinking is going; Yes, I was hoping my sins would be covered up without my husband finding out...But No, God doesn't operate like that. Even though He is a Forgiving God, He is a God Of Truth and Without Iniquity; Furthermore, I needed to acknowledge, confess, repent to God, and then go to my husband with the truth. 


As the cut-off date for payment came closer, I became desperate, nervous, and anxious. When it seemed as if I couldn’t hold out any longer, I tried borrowing from an acquaintance because I thought if I could pay before the date, my husband wouldn’t have to find out about my deceitful ways until I had time to find a more favorable time to tell him, later. Asking for help even though I felt the Holy spirit nudged me not to, I realized I was acting in fear and deception, and I didn't want my deeds to come to the light. [ when we sin against God, our sin will find us out - Numbers 32:23]. Amen!


I knew this was not good in the sight of God, but the thought of being found out that I was a liar and had purposely deceived people, I was overpowered with pride. The plan I concocted didn’t work out either. The person I asked, was going through worst issues than we were, and I felt sorry for her family. I was desperate but knew at this time I had to really trust God. The Holy Spirit also said that I could confide in a couple of people to cover me in prayer, and that’s what I did. I stayed in a time of prayer to God daily and humbling myself before my Lord. I knew I would need strength, because I felt once I told my husband, he would have every right to leave me. He trusted me, and I let him down. I literally had been lying to him all this time, and had acted selfishly purchasing non-essential items, instead of taking care of our household expenses on time. I had to take an in-depth look at myself. The thought wasn't pretty - even to think about my way of thinking and actions at the time.


After much prayer and reading God’s Word, I felt such a peace within myself, and then decided to tell my husband. I expected him to blow up, saying all types of things, but he didn’t. He stayed calm and asked me "how did things get to be the way they were." I confessed everything to him. I told him about the spending habits that had developed over time, my lust for stuff, and feeling like I had to make up for lost time in not having some of the things I desired. The hurt in his eyes was too hard to bear. I could almost hear the thoughts going through his head about what was the purpose of him working so hard, just to end up in this mess.


After a little more talking, he said he would call the VA, and see if they would refund our mortgage. That meant we would be asking them to take back our mortgage from the present mortgage company and cover it themselves. A little relief came over me thinking things were going to work out…that God would see to it and answer my prayer. When my husband called in to inquire about the special option for struggling veterans, he was told that this was given out only to a small percentage of people, and we didn’t qualify. My heart sank. By this time, we were in the month of February, and the house had gone into foreclosure with a date set for September to be auctioned off on the courtyard steps. My world looked very small and dark at the time.


We started looking for other ways and measures to save our home. We even considered allowing a company to bring in a renter to pay us for the use of our home, saying that is one way we could recoup some money. I told my husband I had a bad feeling about that, even though it sounded promising. You have to remember, we were desperate. But how could that help us save our home? The mortgage company had already foreclosed, and the only way we could get our home back was to pay the full balance of what we owed on the loan. This really humbled me in many ways, that later would bring healing to my soul. You see, living in a deed restricted subdivision with a Homeowners Association, notice of our foreclosure was common knowledge among the homeowners - especially with the Sheriff Dept making routine Legal Servings from the Courts, often. I can't express in words, how this brought me to total humility and repentance. Pride was gone, and also to who I thought I was.


I went into a time of fasting and prayer to hear from God, and finally he spoke into my Spirit. I was told that I was to pray three times a day for others that are going through a rough time, speak into the lives of people that crossed my path, and not to speak about what we were going through with anyone except the couple of prayer warriors who were covering me in prayer. I was not to have a hung down head, or face others with a sad countenance. I was to speak and pray for anyone asking, and to reassure them that God answers prayer. While praying and fasting during this time, the Spirit of the Living God said to me, ‘don’t worry, I will take care of everything, and to trust me.” When I spoke that to my husband, he trusted what I said, and never mentioned about the sale of the house again.


At first, praying for others while the burden of our house problems was upon me, was sometime difficult because I was still focusing on our great dilemma. After continuing to obey the words of the Lord, it got easier. I was also told to only offer prayer for our situation a few times during this period. Even though we weren’t paying our mortgage, money was very tight because of all the bills, and the reduced working hours of my husband.


Sometimes, we would only have a few coins of change for a couple of days before his next pay period. This was very humbling to me, but I received what God was allowing me to go through, because I knew he had a plan for me. After a few months, I had yet another brilliant idea to bring in some money. I love to decorate and make things beautiful, so I thought I would make gift baskets and sell them for extra money. I took some of the money from the household and made various types of baskets and invited my friends and neighbors to come and determine which ones they liked for gifts.


After I had made them, I was prompted by the Spirit of God, to give them away for free. I was totally blown away, but I did as I was told. God did not need my help. Things were very tight at times, but we always made it through. I needed to fully trust when He said He was working things out for us, and to be still, and know that He is God. I continued doing what the Spirit of the Lord told me to do and had joy doing it.


Now it was the day before our house was to be sold on the courtyard steps, and I was lying in bed feeling totally surrendered to whatever God wanted to do and did not have another tear of hurt or pain, to shed. As I was saying to the Lord, your will be done, the telephone rang.


It was a lady from the VA Mortgage Department stating Our mortgage had been refunded with a six (6) percent interest rate. When we bought the house the interest rate was nine (9) percent.  She said to me congratulations and hung up. I was shocked, and in amazement. You remember now, the last time we heard from the VA was in February stating “We were not qualified”, and it was now September the day before the house sale. I begin to praise the Lord, and now many tears of joy began to flow.


I could hardly wait to tell my husband because he believed me when I said to him, “the Lord said He was going to take care of everything, and we would be okay.” To me, at that time, those words could have meant anything, but that was what I held on to, and evidently my husband did also. This was a miracle beyond anything we could have imagined. The last lifeline we thought we had with the VA was gone according to their words in February, and we didn’t have $97,000 laying around anywhere to cure the debt. I praise God, I give him honor, and I worship Him because of who He is.

[Warriors, we may love the Lord and are the called according to His Purpose; but we must also strive to live according to His Word, which embodies being and living holy, righteous, and truthful at any cost. The Lord Knows The Plans He Has For Us. His Plans Are To Prosper Us, And Not To Harm Us, And To Give Us Hope - And A Future.]

 Note: Transparency - If You Have Read Other Personal Blogs On This Site, You Probably Have Notice The Beginning Focus Has Been On Me, (prideful) My Emotions, And What I Desired. God's Purpose For Me In These Personal Blogs, Is Not To Write About Other's Weaknesses Or Sins, But To Share What and How God Brought Me To That Hard Place; And The Path Required Of Me - To Bring About A Much Needed Change In My Life. I Can't Confess Other People Sins, Faults, Or Weaknesses, I Can Only Confess Mine To Receive Forgiveness, Grace, And Mercy; So That I May Come Back In Right Standing, With God. (This happened in the year 1998).

In The Years That Followed, We Paid Off Our Home About Two (2) Years Ahead Of Schedule, And All Praises Go To God For His Mighty Hand.

One Of The Most Important Things That Happened Afterwards, My Husband Refused To Take Over The Controlling Of Our Finances, Even Though I Suggested That He Do So. With His Refusal, It Caused Me To Go Deeper In My Faith With God.  I Had To Acknowledge To Myself, I Would Need Help From Holy Spirit To Guide Me, And That I Would Have To Learn Obedience Through The Things I Suffered, And Will Have To Suffer - As Jesus Did. This Helped Me Tremendously, And God Making Me And My Husband To Be A Bread Basket To Others. 

"No One Can Do This, Like This, But God." Hallelujah! (Hebrews 5:8) Amen. 


Thank You For Reading My Testimony.


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4 Responses


October 21, 2023

Hi, thanks for your testimony. I am literally in the same predicament. Our property will be transferred and registered to the lender on October 25,2023 and we will lose it. Plus we will have to pay them them 459,000 for the shortfall because the value is less. Please help me pray God will perform a miracle and use me to spread his goodness to us and change me to become a good steward of His finances. Thanks a million for your testimony. It gave me strong belief in Him. God blessnyou always

Charlesetta Arline
Charlesetta Arline

September 01, 2023

AWESOME!!!! God is such an AWESOME GOD!!! When we do things according to His Way and Will, He Can and Will turn a Mess into an AWESOME MESSAGE!!! What a Loving Merciful God we serve!!!

Natalie Marshall
Natalie Marshall

December 16, 2022

Such an amazing testimony of trusting in God to provide and his will be done.

LUCY McCarter Brundige
LUCY McCarter Brundige

December 11, 2022

This is an amazing testimony! My GOD!!! When we completely obey, trust, and live holy before the Lord there is no good thing, He will withhold from us! So glad He came through for you all. Praise the Lord!

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