To help equip the body of Christ with necessary tools, prophetic insight, strategic plans, as we work together in bringing about God's agenda in these end time days.  We will also minister to the homeless, hungry, displaced and needy, with out-stretched arms and hands; with some of the natural things of life, and the spiritual things of God.


The Armor of God – Dressed for Battle

To be effective as watchmen on the wall helping to bring about God’s purpose, we must make sure we have on the armor of God and are suited purposel...

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Battle Engagement Preparation

 Battle Engagement guided by the Holy Spirit, is one of the most important battle gear we need to possess before going into war against the enemy. ...

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Pastors Allowing Scarecrows to Attend Their Sheep

In this dream I saw the spirits of Senior Pastors of medium to large church memberships. In this dream, many of them had become so removed from the...

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Gigantic Gold Kingdom Rising from Sea

I saw in a vision a Gigantic Gold Kingdom Rising from Sea, looking beautiful and shining like pure gold. It had the most beautiful engraved art on ...

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