Who is Cynthia Pinckney?


Cynthia Pinckney is Founder /Director of the Cynthia Pinckney Ministries, Incorporated. She is an ordained Minister, and has had an outreach ministry to the homeless, hungry, needy and displaced since 2001, and was recognized as a 501 (3) Non-Profit Organization in 2003.  She received the call on her life at 19 years of age and has been able to incorporate the ministry of love, hope, and compassion in her life’s work.

Because of the growing number of needy individuals, Cynthia has trained and educated churches, organizations, and individuals – encouraging them to host outreach activities in their neighborhoods with a great focus on the spiritual aspect as well. She is a respected member in the community, with the Ministry being nominated for the 2009 Small Business of Year Award and becoming one of the Semi-finalist in the competition. To God - we give You glory!

After having clothed and fed the homeless and needy on the streets and in a building combined for 19 years, Cynthia is being led by the operation of the Holy Spirit to show the love of Christ in other tangible ways such as; administering comfort and Inner Healing to the hurting who don’t know the saving grace of our Lord and savior, to help bring deliverance to the saved and unsaved, prophetic insight, wisdom for the soul, and godly counsel/guidance. This is so needed and important to all of us, so we can function as gifted and anointed vessels of God wholly and fully. We will continue giving limited assistance of basic essentials of life to those in desperate need.

Cynthia’s desire is to walk out her destiny being an ambassador, servant, and friend of the Most High God; obeying the Word of the Lord, and being a watchman on the wall for souls, while furthering kingdom agenda. Thank You For Visiting Our Website, And Don't Forget To Leave Comments, Or Prayer Requests.

 Blessings to You!