Pastors Allowing Scarecrows to Attend Their Sheep

Pastors Allowing Scarecrows to Attend Their Sheep

In this dream I saw the spirits of Senior Pastors of medium to large church memberships. In this dream, many of them had become so removed from the truth, the real and pure un-adulterated Word of God, that they started placing people of influence into high leadership positions. A course of action guideline had been developed to fit this type of function in the church and was supported by the elders of high authority already.  The pastors called this another level of growth for the ones that would be chosen, and their job was to take care of the flock of God so that they (the pastors) could pursue other church/personal interests that were more satisfying to them. Most of these interests were related to money gains, prestige, and to incorporate larger church buildings.


In the dream, these people that were chosen by the pastors, would be represented as scare crows placed in leadership positions. Scarecrows are not real – (something that has no backbone and needs to be propped up by something or someone else).  

These representatives were placed in positions to oversee the congregation, so the Pastors could attend to other matters that were more important to them and could lead to higher positions in the culture.

The Pastors/Leaders would use scare crows – someone they (the pastors) wouldn’t have to be afraid of, envious, or wouldn’t have to worry about being uprooted, replaced, concerned, or connected to the congregation. The scarecrows would run interference for the pastors, with the congregation. The selection of (men/women) acting as scare crows by the pastors was strategic because they knew they could maneuver and control these people at will.  It didn’t matter to the pastors that there were men/women in the congregation who loved God and were anointed and ordained by God to walk in a leadership position and would be a help to God’s people.

The pastors knew if they chose one that was anointed and ordained by God with a focus on souls/salvation, they would have to constantly watch over them to make sure nothing was preached or conveyed to the congregation that had not been preached or pre-approved by them. This was not what they were looking for. They wanted to use dead things to accomplish their purpose of carrying on church as usual, instead of allowing the Holy Spirit usher in a now word or revival for the church.

They didn’t care about the souls God had put in their care or making sure the people in the church had an opportunity to grow, have a personal relationship with the Lord, and live out their destiny in Christ. The pastors were all about playing church, having fun without limitations. They didn’t want to be involved with preaching repentance, being sanctified, receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, or living a holy and righteous life. They did not believe in fasting, letting the oppressed go free, loosing the bands of wickedness, to undo heavy burdens, and to break every yoke.

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