Dead, and Done!

August 15, 2023 1 Comment

Dead, and Done!


Jehovah, Thank You For The Many Ways And Avenues You Have Shown Your Love To Us. We Come, Bowing Down In Humility Asking You For Clarity, And Comfort To Our Hearts.

Today, Our Mind Reflect Backs To The Scripture When You Took Ezekiel In The Spirit And Asked Him "Son Of Man, Can These Bones Live. He Didn't Know If They Could, But In Your Response You Told Him To Prophesy To These Bones With Your Words; He Did, And The Dry Bones Came To Life. (Ezekiel 37)

Father God, There Are Some Events, People, Situations, Dilemmas, Family Members, Etc., We Are Continuing To Hold Dear To Our Hearts...But Seem To Be Dead.

Looking Through Our Natural Eyes Things Look Dead, Without Life, People Having No Desire For Life, And Don't Want Help; But Jehovah, We're Keep Believing And Holding On For Dead Bones To Come To Life, Fruitfulness, And Multiplication. Please Give Us Understanding By Your Spirit, As To Why Our Spirit In Some Instances And Situations Are Somewhat Disturbing. We Need Your Help, Abba.

There Is Also A Tugging In Our Spirit To Stand Back, Pray Your Perfect Will, And Release The Emotional Intensity We Feel About These Situations. We Also Feel We Need To Allow Your Desire For Individuals, Situations, Activities, And Especially How Your Timeline Fits Into Your Kingdom Agenda, And Not Ours. Please Father God Help Us.

We Have Prophesied, Watered With Your Word, Propped Up, Been Patient, And Even Gotten Somewhat Angry Because The Results We Wanted To Happen, In The Time Frame We Wanted, Did Not Come Forth. Please Forgive Our Fleshly Tenaciousness, And Help Us.

Give Us Wisdom To Know By Your Spirit That You Are Sovereign, And We Can't Cut You By Any Pattern, Or Form Things To Our Liking. Show Us By The Guiding Of Your Holy Spirit, That Your Timing Is Unique For Each Situation. When You Want Us To Keep Prophesying To Dead Bones, So Be It; But Also When YOU Have Called It Dead, That It Is Dead, And Also Done - In Your Timing. Amen, And Hallelujah!



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Lynne Brundige

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