Pastor with 2 Heads

August 26, 2023 1 Comment

Pastor with 2 Heads

I see a Pastor w/2 heads on his body in this dream, leading a prayer meeting with a few men and a majority of the women of his congregation. After prayer, the women began asking questions about end times. They wanted to know what God was saying pertaining to the Church, and how the body of Christ should be preparing for His coming back.

Some of the brothers and deacons of the church were sitting in chairs (designated places of authority with their hands crossed over their chests) totally un-interested in what the women were speaking about. The brothers/deacons felt they had it all together, and didn’t need to worry.

The pastor began feeling very uncomfortable as the intensity of the questions grew with the women, and tried to dispel their anxieties. He told the women not to worry - because he had their backs, and there was no truth with the non-sense that is being preached. We don’t have to worry about us Christians during the end times, and if there were any reasons to worry, I would tell you.

In the dream in the Spirit, I saw where this Pastor had made preparations and paid out lots of money to a government to have an emergency- fully stocked bunker ready for he and his family. This would be their escape when the time came, because he knew destruction was on the way.

He didn’t want to tell his congregation He had been preaching a Lie all the time, just for the notoriety and the money involved. He didn’t care about the congregation, He only cared about himself and family.


[John 16:13 - Howbeit when He The Spirit Of Truth, Is Come, He Will Guide You Into ALL Truth: For He Shall Not Speak Of Himself; But Whatsoever He Shall Hear, That Shall He Speak: And He Will Show You Things To Come.]


[Matthew 7:15 - Beware Of False Prophets, Which Comes In Sheep's Clothing, But Inwardly They Are Ravening Wolves.]



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Bernar Jones

September 02, 2023


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