In the Middle of a Storm

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In the Middle of a Storm

In the Middle Of A Storm – 10-15-16

In this dream, we were in a large house, but it didn’t seem as though it was our home. We were all sleeping and suddenly furniture and other items inside the house starting turning on their side. I jumped up from the bed and noticed the structure of one section of house and furniture, was being gently laid on their sides. There was no falling or crashing to the floor. Everything was being gently laid down. I made sure everyone was awake, and that they were okay. It was only one part of the house that had been affected, and everyone was safe. I thought maybe a type of storm or hurricane had come upon us during the night. When I looked out of the windows, we were highly involved in a storm.

The storm didn’t last long, and afterwards we walked outside to see how much damage had been caused. I noticed a lot of service trucks/cars from different companies had parked on our property. In the dream, it seemed we had areas where big trucks could park with each having its own bay area. There were many men and young people standing around, so I asked them who had given them permission to park. One of the men ran to get into his sports car to drive away, I thought, so I asked one of the drivers to bring a cell phone so I could take pictures of the car, but he didn’t want to become a part of that. The driver stopped, and I told him I didn’t want any problems and that they only needed to ask permission to park on the property.

As I began to speak to him, the Spirit of God began to move over me, and he said he knew I was of God; because the Lord let him know who I was. The young man started prophesying to me saying to remember who I was in Christ, and the anointing and Spirit that was on my life. He said for me not to ever forget it. When I looked around, I noticed there young men and older children in this group of people. They were all filled with the Holy Ghost and had come to our town as construction workers; and their focus was only finishing what they had come to do.



 As I was saying goodbye to them, I noticed there were young boys being covered up in a covert type of truck where they would be covered over with a covering, as not to be seen by anyone. I wondered if they would have enough air to breathe, but I was assured by the Spirit of God, they would be okay.

I continued looking around as everyone departed, I saw another middle-aged man giving instructions to everyone as what they needed to do. He wasn’t trying to be noticed, but I knew he was the leader of the group. When the young man with the Sports car came to me, he said if you think I am highly gifted, the leader is twice as gifted as I, but does not want to be known for his gifts. He just wants to do the job he was sent to do. As I was walking back to the house, I saw a Pastor I knew and two (2) other men coming around the counter. I didn’t want them to see me because of my night cap, so I turned and walk the other way.

The same young man that had given me words of knowledge before asked if I had gotten my invite yet. I asked him how he knew about me receiving an invite. By that time my friend Pastor approached and asked if I would come to say a prayer at his church; and also say a few words before the offering would be taken up. He was trying to ease my spirit, but also use me to help with a pre-planned fundraising program.

As he was explaining, I knew in my spirit that I couldn’t be constrained in a box so to speak, and that I would have to tell him whenever I am asked to say something in front of any group or congregation, the Spirit of wisdom and the Spirit of Prophecy would come. I didn’t want to be asked to help in any way and not have the freedom of obeyin g the Holy Spirit. I also was made aware that I would need to pay close attention to the time restraints that were put before me.

After The Dream, The Spirit of The Lord Placed In Me -

1.To communicate to everyone wanting me to speak to a group or congregation, that I would have to be obedient to the moving of the Holy Spirit in delivering the message of the day, for this is the Will of God for my life.

2. That I can’t speak anywhere, unless I have freedom to be guided by the Holy Spirit. I don't want to ever grieve the Holy Spirit by being used to impress people with my gifts and talents. They were only given to me to be a help to others.

3. That I will not be used to help put on a program to raise money knowingly, when there is no desire for change in the way we live, or in the lives of God’s people.


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Lynne Brundige
Lynne Brundige

August 30, 2023

Awesome insight! Praise the Lord!

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