Beautiful Baby's Head Dream

November 05, 2022

Beautiful Baby's Head Dream

I was standing outdoors viewing different types of furniture with other people. This placed seemed like a yard sale of some sorts. When I looked around, I saw a beautiful baby's head laying on a small table. I admired how pretty the baby was, and didn't think about why there was no body connected to the head. When I tried to maneuver the head in a protective manner as not to hurt or drop it to pick it up, I couldn't because there was no safe way or protective way, so I allowed it to stay where it had been laid unattended.

Within a few minutes, a woman went straight to where the baby’s head was laying, and without any effort, gently and tenderly picked up the head of the baby, and as she was bringing it to her shoulder, the baby's body began filling out to the true form of what a baby should look like. Once the baby was on the woman’s shoulder, the growth was complete. The woman was the baby's mother with full rights and authority to nurture the infant into fullness.

Thoughts: My thoughts: There are times God will assign special people to certain individuals, groups, or region of the world to plant and water, so that they may grow into maturity for kingdom agenda. As we operate in the structure of how God wants us for the development of people, these individuals may seem to only relate to some people and not others. We need to be in tuned with the Holy Spirit of God to be able to discern what is going on, and not take offense if we are the ones trying to minister to some in church, or other type of settings God has ordained. Only when the mother (natural connection, mentor, or assignment) picked up the baby, then the baby was able to grow to full maturity into what it should be, and not be lacking in the fullness of what it should behold. amen!

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