Warrior's Prayer For All Children

August 02, 2023

Warrior's Prayer For All Children

Father, In The Name Of Jesus Yeshua, We Thank You For Giving Some Of Us The Opportunity To Birth, Adopt, Train, Guide, Love, Pray, And Intercede For Children.

We Know You Love Children, For In Matthew 19:14 You Said, Suffer Little Children, and Forbid Them Not To Come Unto Me; For Of Such Is the Kingdom Of Heaven; For This Truth, We Stand In The Gap For Them...Because They Didn't Ask To Be Borne Into Our World. Please Have Mercy.

As Warriors And Watchmen On The Wall, Give Us Boldness, And Strength To Step Out In Areas And Venues We Wouldn't Necessarily Go - To Be A Blessing For Our Children's Sake. Please Take Us Out Of Our Comfort Zones, For The Peace, Safety, And Preservation Of Our Children's Mind. Have Mercy, Merciful God.

Many Parents, Teachers And Administrators, Have Been Put In Challenging Positions That Will Not Be Helpful To Our Children. Father, Bless Each Warrior You Have Placed In Schools, Churches, And Other Important Areas For Our Children To Grow. Give Them Strength To Continue To Be A Conduit Of Encouragement, Safety,

Many Children Are Giving Up, Taking Drugs, Going Into Deep Depression, And Other Numerous Things That Are Too Sad To Mention, But God, You Are A God Of Mercy And Many Second Chances.

The Culture Our Children Are Living In Today, Is A Society We Could Have Never Imagined They Would Have To Experience, Even In Dark Wicked World. Father Show Us How To Be Effective In Our Interceding With Prayers And Fasting, That Will Cause A Shift in The Atmosphere In Helping Your Leaders Of Tomorrow, All Over This World. Give Us Strength, Stamina, Power, A Determined Mind And Spirit, To Stay In This Fight Until The End. Lord Jehovah, Have Mercy.

We Bow To You Lord, And We Thank You For Hearing And Answering Our Prayers, In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Yeshua. Amen, and Amen!


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