The Demonic Warrior Horsemen Revealed

July 19, 2018

The Demonic Warrior Horsemen Revealed

In this dream, it seemed I had come to a place where warriors on horseback were getting ready to fight in a battle. With their battle gear on, they asked me if I would join their group. Nothing about them would suggest they were not legitimate soldiers. I looked to my right and I saw a group of Christians I knew, standing together, but had not been asked to join the horsemen. With this in mind, I wondered what was the reason they had not been asked to join in the battle.

I kept my eye on the leader of the group, and the way he carried himself made me uncomfortable in my spirit. I decided to walk over to stand with the Christian group standing to the right on the ground, and as I walked passed the warrior horsemen to stand with the Christians, the faces of the warriors turned demonic looking, changing before our eyes. They began to stand upright in the saddles, poised with their swords drawn to fight the Christians. They told us the building in front of us was set up as a maze for us to escape if we could, but if we ran into a dead-end wall inside the building, we would be killed.

We quickly started running towards the building, but on the way I saw so much death and carnage on the side of the roadway. The Demonic Warriors had killed  many men, women and children, and left their bodies on the side so we could see them. Mostly this was to be used as a fear tactic. They didn't care who they killed, because their mandate was to kill. It was the most gruesome sight for anyone to see. 

I began to run and without looking back, I could hear screams from some of the other Christians who had run into a dead-end wall, being tormented and killed. I kept running, but could hear the warriors coming behind me. I felt like I was being pursued through this maze which had many entrances, on purpose. I wasn't sure if there was a way out. One maze would lead to another area, but there seem to be no escape route out for any of us.

I knew this was intentionally imposed against us as Christians so we could fail, and be killed by the demonic power at work. As I came to a dead-end wall, I looked up at the ceiling and cried out "My God!' without looking back to see who or what was behind me. Suddenly, I saw an angel with his hands extended down towards me smiling, and as I reached up to him, I was pulled to safety, out of danger. By the power of God, I got out. Praise God!!