Gigantic Gold Kingdom Rising from Sea

May 04, 2022

Gigantic Gold Kingdom Rising from Sea

I saw in a vision a Gigantic Gold Kingdom Rising from Sea, looking beautiful and shining like pure gold. It had the most beautiful engraved art on the outside of the building, and everything imaginable for a building on the inside. Many in the body of Christ observing the phenomena, thought this was God’s gift to them, and that it was truly a miracle from Him for all of their hard work on the earth. Their thoughts were that it was a place to rest while here on earth until Jesus came for them. This Gigantic Gold Kingdom Rising from Sea building was made to keep them separated from the rest of the world, with no more “Going into the world bringing souls into salvation.” The faces and bodies of these particular pastors/saints of God, were showing symptoms of being burnt out, tiredness, aggravations from dealing with the hard trials and tribulations of helping people that were in all type of desperate situations. They felt it was time of rest until they were taken home by God because of the toils of ministry.

The word began to go out all over the world for the body of Christ to come to this place to see a Gigantic Gold Kingdom Rising from Sea, because this was where God dwelled. A campaign went out all over the world supported by some well-known Pastors and Leaders, to come see the kingdom and to take part in its glorious wonder. The flyers were assuring the body of Christ that this is the kingdom of God, and a place given by the Most High God – only for the body of Christ to be together. As I looked around, I saw many giants (well-known leaders) in the body of Christ joining the campaign of gathering people from all over the world to come to the place. Many put their name/ministry on the line to bring people to the place they say God resided. I then heard the voice of the Lord say to me “it is a prototype”, it was not the real thing.

The people who viewed the Gigantic Gold Kingdom, the impression was given to that people should come to it, embrace it, mostly because of its beauty. There was nothing else notable about it, except, a place of containment away from all of the world troubles and woes.  There were men, women of every title: coming to see the Gigantic Gold Kingdom Rising from Sea and take part in this new movement they thought God was calling them to belong. Countless leaders left where God had already positioned them over ministries, callings, hopeless congregations, to come to what seemed real, and looked real to the natural eye.

There weren’t any leaders in the group, or any other person with wisdom to speak out about praying to confirm by the Spirit of God before making a covenant of agreement going someplace that God had not sent them. Many of the church members believed their leaders and didn’t think to pray for confirmation, or if they had a sense of peace in their spirits. Every person was ready to quit their tedious walk and relax, because they felt it was time for them to rest from their labors. They were mainly ready for the trials and tribulations of the present world to be over. Everyone who had come to the Gigantic Kingdom Rising Out of the Sea, had been deceived, but they were unaware of this. They were looking at the beauty, and the thoughts of not having to deal with the needs of others, or the trials, sufferings, longsuffering, being kind and gentle, and the trials of everyday life. These people souls were lost, because of the deception they participated in.

Date: May 28, 2012

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