Speaking Engagements and Other Services Offered

Cynthia Pinckney will be happy to speak at your …

As an Ordained Servant of The Most High God

Learned to keep Walking Through…  

  1. Trials/Tribulations While Becoming a Warrior of God.
  2. Walking Out My Destiny in A Changing World.
  3. Learning to Become A Woman Called of God.
  4. Becoming a Watchman and Intercessor
  5. Learning How to Be A Spirit-Filled Business Woman
  6. Experiencing Hearing the Voice of God Through His Word, and Obeying.
  7. Submitting to Loving My Husband the Biblical Way, while maintaining My Sanity.
  8. Understanding the Deepness of Wisdom.
  9. And Many Other Experiences and Testimonies of God’s Grace and Mercy

Through Over 35 years of Ministry.      

Please contact me for more in depth information.

(813) 431-8730 – cp@cynthiapinckneyministries.org or cpinckney727@gmail.com