Ministry Outreach Training

If your church, group, organization, or individuals would like to institute proven strategies and produce excellence in your outreach activities to the less fortunate, let me show you step by step how to implement a program that will benefit everyone, and not to be used as a channel for giving a handout, but a hands-up to the needy. I will provide training materials, and will also show you how to receive donations, and have a consistent flow of volunteers with a servant’s heart. Allow me to show you how God provided for over 25 years of feeding, caring, loving the homeless, needy, hungry, and displaced in our communities.

To encourage others to care for one another by edifying each other and showing love, humility, sympathy, empathy and compassion as we demonstrate the “Heart of A Servant” in everything we undertake.

  • We will discuss the characteristics of “The Heart of a Servant” and what the duties of Servant hood are.
  • We will explore the reasons why having volunteer workers who love the people of God and know without a doubt that God loves them also… is paramount.
  • I will share with you the importance of serving with excellence, and have the appearance looks as though you are serving the king…King Jesus.
  • Discuss how to make sure the foods are healthy, safe-sanitary, handled properly, appealing and tasty.
  • We will also discuss how to handle donations that are not conducive for the type of outreach you will be sponsoring, and how to have a specific list of needed donation items geared to your program. You can say No, and/or offer to give names of other outreach agencies who handle that type of donation.
  • I will train in all positions in outreach.
  • And much more…