Initiatives of The Cynthia Pinckney Ministry – Going Forward

The Cynthia Pinckney Ministries has been in operation since January 2003. The Ministry has been a blessing to thousands of homeless, needy, hungry, displaced families and individuals. Our #1 goal has always been, to show the love of Christ to every person we meet, and to support them in whatever ways we are permitted. An emergency health condition beyond our control, forced us to close our Outreach Center where we were serving hundreds by the week with clothing, shoes, household items, groceries, weekly prayer service, and weekend bible study.

After having clothed and fed the homeless and needy on the streets and in a building for almost 9 years - which also centered around counseling and prayers, Cynthia is being led by the operation of the Holy Spirit, to show the love of Christ in other tangible ways such as; Administer comfort and Inner Healing to the hurting who don’t know the saving grace of our Lord and savior, help to bring deliverance to the saved and unsaved, prophetic insight, wisdom for the soul, and godly guidance. This is so needed and important to all of us, so we can function as gifted and anointed vessels of God wholly and fully.


Because of the closure, we have stream-lined the different type of assistance the ministry will donate to the needy, homeless, and hungry. We are assisting with specialized needs that sometimes are a one-time emergency occurrence.

We will offer food and other items to individuals, or families who are referred by organizations or churches, and this will be on a limited base. Afterwards, we will refer clients to an ongoing organization that would be able to assist with continual needs, especially with food items.

Going Forward…Is A List of Assistance the Ministry Will Be Offering in the Community.


College Students – Emergency Food, Educational & Personal Needs, Toiletries, Miscellaneous.

Elderly – Food, *Utility Assistance (once per year), Personal Items.

Prescription out of pocket expenses.

Single Parent-Emergency Motel Fee (one time) Food, *Utilities, Etc.

Families – Emergency Food, Toiletries, *Utilities Fees, Bus Pass, Miscellaneous.

*There will be a cap on the amount.

There are times we will have other items that are not on the List, which will be offered to anyone in need.

If we can't offer assistance in certain areas, we will offer information to other Ministries or Agencies that may have what is needed.


Cynthia Pinckney - Founder/Director                                                                                       June/2018