A RoundUp Of Christians for A Showdown of Faith

May 03, 2022

A RoundUp Of Christians for A Showdown of Faith

I dreamed People of like-minds (Christians) were traveling on a huge ship, of which the government had initiated and planned. Every Christian was rounded up by an army of some sort, and they knew where we all lived. We were told we were being taking to an Island so we could worship together in our own place. When we reached an island far from home and cut off from the rest of the world, we were asked to disembark hurriedly. We were told a mechanical failure had occurred, and the ship could not carry the weight of the people. As soon as our feet touched the ground it seemed three (3) underground tunnels appeared out of nowhere for us to run inside, and each person chose independently what tunnel they would occupy. It was as though we knew we had been set-up and separated from the rest of the world and needed a refuge.

After everyone had found a hiding place and was getting settled, we begin to hear lots of commotion from within the tunnels. We were being routed out of each tunnel one by one by the ship’s director and crewman who had gotten off the ship with us. Our hiding places had been compromised by some traitors (Judas’s) of our group - that had sold us out to the enemy for food and water. The Judas’s were offered places of prominence in the community of the unbelievers, when their mission of separating and bringing confusion to the Christians was accomplished. How could this be? We had been told we had to leave the ship because of mechanical problems. Why were we being harassed and mistreated?

What was going on? It soon became apparent that there was not a mechanical problem with the ship, but a diabolical plot from a government to put all Christian in one place to be observed and kept from coming together to pray. Many of us knew this by the Spirit of the Almighty God. After only a few hours of not having sufficient food and water, the crew from the ship began telling us that they didn’t have time to secure a sufficient amount of water or food before we embarked… so there wasn’t much of either for everyone.

I started asking those in charge how would we be rescued, and I was told they didn’t know.

I asked why another ship couldn’t come and take us off the Island, and again I was told the ship would be too large and would go aground because of the shallow water the ship was situated in. I asked why couldn’t the ship stay afar off and allow life boats sent to begin the rescue effort? I was told they couldn’t do that.

I asked why couldn’t a helicopter come and drop a ladder to start rescuing people? Each time I asked a question, my question was met with resistance. Even though it would seem the people who were acting as authority figures, were in the same danger as we were. Their very expressions did not show fear or concerned about being on a deserted island. They were not worried about not being rescued. I noticed that members of the ship were always coming around listening to our conversations and engaging with words of their own trying to get us talking about what we knew.

After I kept asking questions about being rescued, one of the men in authority said he had to go and pull someone’s data to see who they really were, and a decision would be made as to what should be done about them. I asked if I could watch what he would be doing, and he said it was a privacy issue and it was against the law for me to observe. I knew by the Holy Spirit that he was going to pull my information to see who I was because of all the questions I had been asking.

I began looking around the ship and saw how truly vulnerable we were to what the enemy had planned for the destruction of the saints of God. The crew purposely didn’t bring enough food and water to sustain life for everyone, and it was so apparent that this was all planned by the men in charge. Many of the elderly and sickly started committing suicide because they couldn’t endure the suffering brought on by being displaced and not having enough to eat or drink and this was day one (1) for us. There was this elderly lady dressed in a pretty blue dress, who was very well known in Christendom…a beautiful well-dressed and likeable person. She was leaning slightly on a running board when I noticed that she was not looking anxious and scared.

I took my eyes off her for a moment to observe something else, and when I looked at her again, she had plunged a very sharp nail, or sharp object in her juggler vein –and was bleeding to death without saying a word saying she couldn’t survive one day without food or water. Later that evening, the idea came up about drinking each other’s urine so our kidneys wouldn’t stop working, but I told them I had just come off a three (3) day fast drinking only water, and my kidneys would be fine.

One baby Christian had a small bottle of water, and I asked her if she would share it with someone else on the ship, and she said no…it belonged to her and no one else. I explained to her that she was acting like a baby and being very selfish. She said she didn’t care. As time went by, the men on the ship starting walking around the ship waiting for us to die one by one, or for us to start killing one another off for lack of food. This had been the planned all along. It had been told to the men on the boat that – if we were given enough time and opportunity, we would rise up against each other and the captors wouldn’t have to do anything to us.

What we weren’t aware – is that we had been observed for long period of time, and our captors knew who truly loved the man Jesus, and who were hypocrites. They knew many had been preaching to others about things that were not a part of their everyday living. Later that night, someone mentioned that we should began eating roaches. When I looked inside the cup in my hand, there was a dead roach.  I said no and threw the cup away. As I continue to walk around the island, I began noticing there were more people coming on the Island that had not been there before. The conspiracy was unfolding rapidly in front of our faces…that this was a wide scale plot for many Christians to be forced to come aboard a ship and taken to an island far from their homes. One new arrival (lady) came up to me to inquire as to why the condition of the people on the island was in such bad shape.

I told her there was not enough food and water for everyone, purposely, on the ship. She whispered to me and said there was plenty of food and water and she knew where it was. She said there was packed food and fish hidden under a counter, and we had to make sure we knew (discern) who we were sharing this revelation with. She said there were Judas’s among us waiting to sell us out…to be killed. The conspiracy was…because the government knew the real Christians and the so-called Christians, and this would bring about dissension and strife.

We were wooed to the ship and placed on this island, so our faith could be proved, and to see if we really believed and trusted the words of the Lord Jesus. They thought if they placed the real Christians with the non-Christians, or people who called themselves Christians, there would be a massacre.

The government’s plan was to have us kill each other…and to do it from within, because they wanted to rout out the real believers for their purpose later. Even in our seemingly tragic situation, a table was prepared for us go through what ever trial we would find ourselves in.

Cynthia Pinckney – 2011

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